About Circle Squaring

Circle-Squaring is a process of finding ways for seemingly opposite things to work together. Squaring the circle has been thought of as “doing the impossible… turning one into its opposite.” However, circles and squares to me are complements much like earth and water or art and science. In seeing these as complements rather than opposites, we can gain a more nuanced understanding of the microcosm, macrocosm and ultimately ourselves. They work together to provide a more all-encompassing picture which should hopefully be closer to the truth.

Albert Einstein talked about logic and intuition in a way that maps the commonalities between supposed opposites:

“When the world ceases to be the stage for personal hopes and desires, where we as free beings behold it in wonder, to question and to contemplate, there we enter the realm of art and of science. If we trace out what we behold and experience through the language of logic, we are doing science; if we show it in forms whose interrelationships are not accessible to our conscious thought but are intuitively recognized as meaningful, we are doing art. Common to both is the devotion to something beyond the personal, removed from the arbitrary.”

That, in a nutshell, is “Circle-Squaring” to me.