Series: A-Priori Law

  • Oak
  • Praying Trees
  • Concrete Hope-Charity-Faith
  • Empress Tree Pod

    Empress Tree Pod

    Inspired by the work of Fritjof Capra. At one point, I became very interested in the wave/particle duality. The nature of the physical world is not little, absolute blocks. It might appear to be that way from one perspective at a given point in time, but this perspective hides the other nature of the physical…

  • Integrity


    It’s one of those things that can be difficult to define, butyou know it when you see it.

  • Temperings


    To improve hardness and elasticity by reheating and then cooling. This is the process of life. This is the process of searching for balance. We burn with passion. Panic can put us in a cold sweat. We cool down when we are quiet. We seem to search to find an equilibrium, but it’s the pendulum…

  • Faith Study

    Faith Study

    Faith is a weaving. This is a wider net than religion. Maybe you just believe something. Maybe you just resonate with something in a way that gets you to notice. Maybe it just makes you feel a particular way that you can’t brush aside. There’s no proof. Logic mixes with internal juices of your being…

  • A-Priori Law

    Full Definition of a priori 1 a: deductive  b: relating to or derived by reasoning from self-evident propositions  c: presupposed by experience 2 a: being without examination or analysis; presumptive  b: formed or conceived beforehandfrom Merriam-Webster