Series: Studies In Consciousness

  • When Particles Collide

    When Particles Collide

    What comes from this encounter is whatever is able to come through the capabilities of the particles and the surrounding particles and the environment. The capabilities are fluid, (within certain parameters). There are constraints, to be sure. But adjustments are possible. Barbara McClintock’s maize knows this. To see what is becoming while it is becoming,…

  • What The Leaf Said To the Beetle

    What The Leaf Said To the Beetle

    I shaded you in the strong sun My family and I Now I’ve come down, and I feed you My family and I Then, you feed others who in turn feed my family We go on

  • Honey Locust Tree Pod

    Honey Locust Tree Pod

    Honey locusts (Gleditsia triacanthos) are mid-sized trees that develop rapidly. Although North America is their homeland, they’re also seen in other parts of the world, including Australia. The pods fall in the autumn. They rely on a variety of animals to open their pods, as they don’t open their own. Many wild animals feed on…